• Small businesses
  • Large corporations
  • National retail and restaurant chains
  • Industrial buildings

Ensure the safety of your employees and property with custom burglar and Intrusion alarms by DYNAMIC SECURITY. The custom designed intrusion security systems are monitored by our UL certified 24-hour monitoring station.

Video Surveillance (CCTV)

Create a safer environment for your employees with video surveillance systems by DYNAMIC SECURITY. These security systems deter theft, violence and vandalism for your business while limiting false claims. Adding Video to your business makes it easier for local law enforcement to prosecute crime.

24 Hour Commercial Monitoring

With constant threats to your business, 24 hour seven days week monitoring is a must. Our UL Certified central station monitoring center can protect your business from unwanted intruders and theft.

Intrusion Detection

An Intrusion detection system is the foundation for your business’ security needs. A wide variety of threats, such as property damage and theft can be protected by integrating a custom security system from DYNAMIC SECURITY.

Control Your Alarm System Remotely

Have complete access and remotely manage your business’ Security System all from the palm of your hands with a smart phone or other web enabled device. 

  • Receive notifications if employees don’t open or close on time. 
  • Keep track of sensitive areas making sure unauthorized entry to private offices or sensitive cabinets doesn’t happen without your knowledge.
  • Track in and out customer traffic patterns for your business.
  • View daily reports.